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In today’s marketplace growing companies are facing serious challenges in finding the right talent. So, it is more that ever important for companies to understand the opportunity a global recruitment strategy can provide.
With our services we are here to become your trusted advisor and help you attract and find the right talent for your needs!

Core services

Direct search and selection

To be effective, a generalist recruiter needs to know just enough about a broad category of industries. We approach potential candidates directly and individually, their suitability and motivation are assessed in an interview.

As our client, you can decide if some particular companies or candidates are not desired to be approached. 

To be as effective as we can be in today’s demanding market, we are committed to the retained search approach.

With the retained search strategy we guarantee a serene and successful campaign that contributes to a strong employer brand among your target audience. In our work we are independent, try to be innovative, responsive and personally involved to our clients needs. We strive to maintain the highest quality and ethical standards.

Core services

Recruitment of IT and
other technical profiles

In the segment of technical recruitment we can reach talents globally with our sourcing and selection services within the search of the technical talent for IT and technology-based roles. With our specialized knowledge, past experience and proven best practices from the industry we will conduct a search and selection project and deliver you the best possible talent in respect to your needs and wishes.

The candidate that we will bring through direct search approach to your company will bring knowledge, competences, experience. All this will later on translate into the success of your organisation.

Direct search and selection

This search is a joint process where we define the desired candidate profile including:

  • industry knowledge
  • professional expertise
  • management
  • leadership skills
  • vision
  • desired career development

Advantages of direct search and selection services

Reduce the costs

It reduces the costs associated with recruitment and significantly accelerates the entire recruitment process.


We will make every effort to ensure that all our operations are strictly confidential if that requires the projects that we will be working on for your company’s needs.

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    Direct search and selection / Headhunting services